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Artist Talk: Amie Siegel – Cover Version – Counter Shot

Thur 22.10.09 – 11:00 – Ort: Semperdepot 1.Stock – Medienklasse (I27)

Artist Amie Siegel will discuss the use of cover versions, remakes,
counter-shots and counter-transference in her work.

Cover Version – Counter Shot

Amie Siegel works variously in 16mm and 35mm film, video, sound and writing. Her work mines the voyeuristic gaze, direct address and interview, and how these repetitions form cultural memory. Her multi-channel video and film installations reformulate cinematic enterprises – the establishing shot, the
remake & the tracking shot. Longer videos and feature films move between scripted and spontaneous spaces; truth and fiction, shifting performance from identification to parody and estrangement.