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Do/Fr 10./11.04.08 | 11:00 – 17:00
2-tägiger Workshop mit dem Londoner Kurator Colm Lally und der Künstlerin und Theoretikerin Verina Gfader

  • CØDEshop
  • Verina Gfader and Colm Lally

Ort: Medienklasse

CØDEshop is a series of interconnected events that emerges out of a concern with event-structures in artistic practices; these are conceived as fundamental to address contemporary issues on the sites of cultural production, markets, and institutions. While the separation of these different nodes in an expanding network does not operate any longer, the mutation and becoming of other sites opens out a discussion of the context, the parameters and conditions in which these new, variable, and perpetually shifting sites operate.

Verina Gfader
Born in Helsinki; lives and works as an artist and media theoretician in London. After her studies in Visual Arts and Photography, she completed a practice-based Ph.D. in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College, London. The main focus of her work centres on visual and critical communication with a particular interest in digital animation and interactive-performative installation within the art context.

Colm Lally
Born in Galway, Ireland; lives and works in London. Founder and director of E:vent project space. His creative practice focuses on curating art events – exhibitions, scored performances, workshops and discussions.