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Rundgang 2019

If the door is too small for you, well then walk through the wall.

Gusner Iris, Die Taube auf dem Dach, 1973/2010, colour still, (c) DEFA Stiftung
  • PERFORMANCES – Friday Jan 25 – 6 pm – KDM class space
  • SCREENING – Saturday Jan 26 – 6 pm – Topkino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna – free entry
  • PERFORMANCES – Sunday Jan 27 – 2 pm – KDM class space
  • ZINE ZONE & EXHIBITION in the class space

Based on the semester theme titled „Les résultats du féminisme – Feminist Cinema, Feminist Aesthetics,“ the department for Art and Digital Media presents performances, films and artist zines. Feminist filmmakers from the 1960s to the 1980s as well as the development of alternative narrative aesthetics are in the focus of the KDM class this semester. „If the door is too small for you, well then walk through the wall,“ as protagonist Linda Heinrichs laconically put forward in Iris Gusner’s film “The Dove on the Roof” (1972), becomes the motto for the artists as well as for the audience: a self-confident questioning of existing structures, a calling to break up pre-fabricated (narrative) frame-works and to develop new points of view.

As a common project, the students create a space for feminist references – an installation made up of Artist Zines: referential texts, adaptations of their works in printed form, scripts for upcoming films and more. In addition to the exhibition in the class, there is a performance program (25/01) as well as a film screening at topkino (26/01) featuring current filmic works by students, as well as the Brazilian artist Roberto Winter, who is currently artist in residence at the Academy.

Concept: Djoana Gueorguieva, June Drevet, Nils Gabriel

Filmmaker Ula Stöckl writes: Feminism is an open concept, as are feminist film and film analysis. Only mutually inspiring diversity guarantees the necessary openness and the long-term goal of abolishing gender as a category and not hardening it biologically. Against the background of a genealogy of German-language feminist film, in the ZINE ZONE we show in FANZINE format snippets of thoughts on what we have seen or produced – short, rough-and-ready, and to spread. Each Fanzine is to take away, there will be a donation box.

Zines by: Anna Barbieri, Chiara Bartl, Viktoria Bayer, June Drevet, Rebecca Fuxen , Noël Gaar, Nils Gabriel, Djoana Gueorguieva , Vitória Monteiro, Leonie Huber, Pille-Riin Jaik, Jonida Laçi, Marie Luise Lehner, Martin Rovan, Lorenz Tröbinger, Julia & Clara von Schantz, Julija Zaharijević

EXHIBITION in the class space
A | M | K , Chiara Bartl , Hicran Ergen , Noël Gaar, Djoana Gueorguieva, Vitória Monteiro, Ekaterina Kormilitsyna, Julia & Clara von Schantz, Julija Zaharijević


KDM Class, 1st floor, Léhargasse 6-8, 1060 Vienna

18:00 Bar

(concerts start exactly on time)

18:30 Dritte Hand

Dritte Hand is an Austrian music group who emerged from the Vienna music underground three years ago. The characters starring in their lyrical stories often seem to resemble the desperate, joyful, dazed and mythical personalities who appear among the audience of Viennese café and bars. Although the main language is German, a lot of songs are sung in local Austrian dialects, thus preserving cultural inheritance and developing it further.

19:00 Double-Sided Mirror Blade – Julija Zaharijević

Double-Sided Mirror Blade is a spoken word performance. Julija Zaharijević presents a poem about a certain I and that I’s friend Sascha. The poem discusses a short excerpt of their lives—namely, a period of eight consecutive days. The relationship of the characters seems to be spontaneous, close and long established. The relationship is also somewhat ambiguous, or at least it used to be in the past. Additionally, while performing Zaharijević is dressed like a Harley Davidson biker woman. The notions of
autobiography and fiction, and their construction are the central thoughts of this performance.

19:15 BEEP DADA #1 – Hicran Ergen & Sebastian Meyer

In her collaborative live performance series ‘BEEP DADA’ Hicran Ergen uses music as a medium to explore a past state of mind that cannot be retrieved due to memory loss: Blackout. A state, where the body is not able to entirely execute the commands of the brain, yet leaves abstract marks, that are impossible to decode, but could be followed as traces to envision the failed journey of data through the neural paths. The 1st edition of BEEP DADA will be accompanied by multimedia artist Sebastian Meyer.

19:45 Long Distance – Djoana Gueorguieva

Long Distance is an experimental performance with interactive children’s games in an effort to communicate the difficulties which long distance can pose to communication despite technology.

20:15 Pollution in the Chest – Pille-Riin Jaik & Klaus Rabeder

Untranslatable, unholdable spoken words with seemingly, endlessly darkening music. An attempt of speaking in transcending tongue of feelings. An experimental sound performance dealing with the loneliness of modern and migrant souls.

20:30 POP:SCH

“If Peaches and Kim Wilde had a child, it would be called POP: SCH. The music of POP:SCH is so terribly catchy, that you want to run away, and so sympathetic anarchist that you want to scream out loud!” (L-Mag, Berlin)

21:00 Die Fitten Titten

Prepare your perception for the Lo Fi-electro-pink-punk artist band „Die Fitten Titten“. Performative and raw, they declare with rambunctious lion roarings the finest wig to have three arms and a toothbrush! Fried and fit, they played hide and seek with the orchestra VKKO at Milla Club, Munich and at Panama Plus – gave birth to Vienna at Fluc, Einbaumöbel, Chelsea and the 365 festival. They will sing some butter!



Topkino Wien, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna
Free Entry

18.00 – Roberto Winter (Artist in Residence) – A role play

approx. 43 min, 2017, video (color, stereo sound)

19.00 „Wenn Ihnen die Tür zu klein ist, …“

Works by student’s from the KDM class

Geh Vau/Sexual Intercorse (Preview) // 2019

Marie Luise Lehner // 20 Min

bad // 2018

Selin Karaman // 6 min.

thing, going viral – a conspiracy theory // 2018

Anna-Sofie Lugmeier // 7:15 Min

Still of a house // 2018

Pille-Riin Jaik // 4:05 Min

Uncomfortable Pair of Shoes // 2018

Lorenz Tröbinger // 5 Min


Ekaterina Kormylitsina // 6 min

I didn’t come here to perform // 2018

Viktoria Bayer // 5:15

Die ultimative Frage auf alle Antworten // 2018

Michael Gülzow // 12 Min

U – Y is determined A | M | K // 2018

Adele Knall //



in KDM classroom

14:15 Sie beschäftigt sich mit – Leonie Huber

Performative guided tour through the exhibition. The tour will be held in German and is open to everyone. Please sign up via email to stating your personal interests.

15:00 Im Blick – Marie Luise Lehner

A reading (in german) from her new novel „Im Blick“. (“Looking at/In the gaze”).

“The book is about friendship and love relationship, a story of looking and being looked at, of gender roles and sexual violence in everyday life. It contains a collage of moments in which women get involved in uncomfortable, often dangerous situations. Slowly an anger starts growing inside of the two protagonists. An anger that is strong enough to fight against sexism. „For her second novel the Viennese author is looking at topics like gender identity, subtle sexism in everyday life, sexual violence, overstepping of borders and of power structures.“

(Missy Magazine)

15:30 Tired Eyes – Alexandra Wanderer

A lecture performance. Alexandra Wanderer will present the work of L.A. based artist Seth Lower who has been using his Instagram account as a platform to explore threads of absence and autobiography since 2014 during a phase of illness which left him artistically and socially hindered. Wanderer perused through his account and made a selection of images which she subsequently categorized according to themes of interest to her and her practice. From this selection she created a narrative raising questions of not only originality but also authorship in the steady stream of scroll-down images. Tired Eyes is a work that was commissioned by the Palais des Beaux Arts Vienna.

//// (15 min pause) ////

16:00 Sebastian Meyer

Improvisation on Buchla Music Easel

16:30 Josef Pays – Adele Knall

Voice, Selfbuilt Pedals, E-Bass and a Looper are the basics of this Solo Set-up. Dronish patterns and popish songsketches mix together and are used in an improvisational way.

17:00 Sweety Nicks

“Sweety Nicks” is a tribute band formed in Vienna in Nov. 2017 by Hicran Ergen & Martin Gupper as an homage to the fabulous musician Stevie Nicks. The duo will be closing this year’s Rundgang at the Academy Of Fine Arts on Sunday, playing some of their favourite Stevie Nicks’ songs”.